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(Ebook) Mit Press Foundations Of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, And Knowledge Engineering.pdf2006-Feb-19 19:22:055.2Mapplication/pdf
(Ebook-Comp) Handbook Of Brain Theory And Neural Networks - Mit Press 2003 - Part 1.pdf2006-Feb-03 01:08:4385.9Mapplication/pdf
(Ebook-Pdf) - Artificial Intelligence - An Introduction To Neural Networks.pdf2006-Jul-23 14:06:351.2Mapplication/pdf
(eBook - Mathematics) neural networks =algorithms, applications, and programming techniques.pdf2006-Jul-23 14:05:0410.9Mapplication/pdf
(eBook-comp) Handbook Of Brain Theory And Neural Networks - MIT Press 2003 - Part 2.pdf2006-Feb-03 03:34:1876.7Mapplication/pdf
(ebook-pdf) Mathematics - An Introduction to Neural Networks.pdf2006-Jul-23 14:06:461.2Mapplication/pdf
-AI-Robotics- (ebook - PDF) CRC Press - Recurrent Neural Networks Design and Applications (Medsker & Jain @2001).rar2006-Feb-20 03:16:394.3Mapplication/rar
A New Neural Network For Solving Linear Programming Problems.pdf2006-Feb-20 14:21:26700.6Kapplication/pdf
Analysis And Applications Of Artificial Neural Networks.pdf2006-Jul-23 14:07:3311.9Mapplication/pdf
Arteficial Neural Networks And Information Theory.pdf2006-Jul-23 14:07:372.2Mapplication/pdf
Artificial Intelligence - Ieee Artificial Neural Networks A Tutorial.pdf2006-Jul-23 14:07:413.0Mapplication/pdf
Artificial Neural Networks For Branch Prediction.pdf2006-Jul-23 14:07:421.4Mapplication/pdf
Ben Krose - An Introduction to Neural Networks.pdf2006-Jul-01 15:38:381.2Mapplication/pdf
Computer Science - Neural Networks - Algorithms, Applications, And Programming Techniques.pdf2006-Jul-23 14:24:1710.1Mapplication/pdf
Crc Press - Handbook Of Neural Network Dsp.pdf2006-Feb-20 03:54:4512.9Mapplication/pdf
Cybernetics - Artificial Neural Networks.pdf2006-Jul-23 19:15:003.0Mapplication/pdf
Data Mining Process Using Neural Networks.pdf2006-Feb-20 02:06:2511.1Mapplication/pdf
Elsevier Science - Neural Networks - Genetically Trained Cellular Neural Networks.pdf2006-Jul-23 14:09:381.3Mapplication/pdf
Elsevier, Neural Networks in Finance (2005) YYePG; OCR 7.0-2.6 LotB.pdf2006-Jul-23 14:09:423.3Mapplication/pdf
IEEE - A Tutorial On Fuzzy Logic Systems For Engineering [1995].pdf2006-Feb-03 03:38:352.7Mapplication/pdf
Ieee Artificial Neural Networks A Tutorial.zip2006-Jul-23 19:15:052.2Mapplication/zip
Ieee Press - Data Mining.djvu2006-Feb-03 11:09:117.6Mimage/vnd.djvu
Industrial Applications of Neural Networks.pdf2006-Jul-23 14:10:118.8Mapplication/pdf
John Wiley & Sons - Data Engineering, Fuzzy Mathematics In Systems Theory And Data Analysis.pdf2006-Jan-21 09:26:0628.8Mapplication/pdf
John Wiley And Sons - Data Mining-Concepts Models Methods And Algorithms Ebook-Fos.chm2006-Jul-14 19:01:468.4Mchemical/x-chemdraw
Kecman V. Learning and soft computing - support vector machines, neural networks, and fuzzy logic models, MIT Press 2004.djvu2006-Feb-20 00:09:087.0Mimage/vnd.djvu
Laurene Fausett - Fundamentals of neural networks.PDF2006-Jul-23 14:10:4927.8Mapplication/pdf
Learning And Soft Computing - Support Vector Machines, Neural Networks, And Fuzzy Logic Models (2001).pdf2006-Feb-20 04:30:0668.2Mapplication/pdf
MIT Press - 2003 - The Handbook of Brain Theory and Neural Networks - 2nd Edition - ISBN 0262011972 - 1309s - TLFeBOOK.pdf2006-Jan-27 00:17:3831.6Mapplication/pdf
MIT Press - Artificial Life, An Overview (1998).pdf2006-Feb-02 22:23:333.2Mapplication/pdf
MIT Press - Foundations of Neural Networks System.PDF2006-Jul-23 14:12:255.2Mapplication/pdf
MIT Press - The Handbook of Brain Theory and Neural Networks, 2nd Ed - 2003 - (By Laxxuss).pdf2006-Jan-26 19:59:5226.6Mapplication/pdf
Noisy Time Series Prediction Using A Recurrent Neural Network And Grammatical Inference, C Lee Giles, Steve Lawrence (Machine Learning).rar2006-Feb-20 17:02:563.9Mapplication/rar
Prentice Hall - Analysis And Applications Of Artificial Neural Networks.pdf2006-Feb-20 04:29:0011.9Mapplication/pdf
Recent Advances in Artificial Neural Networks.rar2006-Jul-23 19:15:213.0Mapplication/rar
Recurrent Neural Networks for Prediction.pdf2006-Jul-23 14:14:505.6Mapplication/pdf
Springer,.Image.Processing.Using.Pulse-Coupled.Neural.Networks.(2005).DDU.pdf2006-Feb-20 15:47:035.8Mapplication/pdf
Time Series Forecasting with Neural Networks A Comparative Study with Airline Data.pdf2006-Jul-23 14:15:422.1Mapplication/pdf
WEB (eBook - pdf) CRC Press - Neural Network Modeling.pdf2006-Feb-20 02:54:016.8Mapplication/pdf
[EBOOK - INTELIGENCIA ARTIFICIAL] Fusion of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems and Genetic Algorithms.pdf2006-Feb-19 19:42:136.5Mapplication/pdf
artificial neural networks - a tutorial.pdf2006-Feb-19 20:13:263.0Mapplication/pdf
eBook - Artificial Intelligence - Neural Networks - Algorithms, Applications and Programming Techniques - Addison Wesley .pdf2006-Feb-19 19:47:0710.1Mapplication/pdf