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(Ebook-Pdf) Bruce Schneier - Applied Cryptography, 2Nd Edition.pdf2006-Jan-22 02:01:518.4Mapplication/pdf
(ebook - pdf) Applied Cryptography - Second Edition - Bruce Schneier(1).zip2006-Jan-21 21:22:3540.5Mapplication/zip
(ebook-pdf) Handbook of Applied Cryptography (Algorithms, Mathematics, Science, Source Code).zip2006-Jan-21 17:05:5516.9Mapplication/zip
2005原版电子书.英文原版电子书1.Advances in Elliptic Curve Cryptography.pdf2006-Jan-21 14:11:074.6Mapplication/pdf
A Course in Number Theory and Cryptography.pdf2006-Jan-22 01:15:4512.7Mapplication/pdf
Alfred Menezes - Handbook of Applied Cryptography.pdf2006-Jan-26 13:54:204.6Mapplication/pdf
Body Of Secrets - Crypto.pdf2006-Jul-23 14:07:594.3Mapplication/pdf
Bruce Schneier - Applied Cryptography - Protocols, Algorithms and Source Code in C, 2nd ed.pdf2006-Jul-01 15:42:209.1Mapplication/pdf
CRC Press - Handbook of applied Cryptography.pdf2006-Jan-21 11:19:2113.0Mapplication/pdf
Cryptography - A Very Short Introduction - Oxford Press.chm2006-Jan-20 09:02:581.3Mchemical/x-chemdraw
Cryptography - Theory and Practice - Prentice Hall 2003.pdf2006-Jan-21 08:40:0817.8Mapplication/pdf
Cryptography A new dimension in computer data security.pdf2006-Feb-03 14:07:3847.2Mapplication/pdf
Cryptography And Technology.pdf2006-Jan-21 01:59:548.3Mapplication/pdf
Cryptography Books.chm2006-Jan-24 17:34:2218.3Mchemical/x-chemdraw
Cryptography in C and C++ [APress].chm2006-Jan-20 05:21:563.5Mchemical/x-chemdraw
Cryptography_for_Dummies.pdf2006-Jan-21 18:58:527.1Mapplication/pdf
Douglas Stinson - Cryptography - Theory and Practice.chm2006-Jul-01 15:42:2614.5Mchemical/x-chemdraw
Eric Cole - Hiding in Plain Sight - Steganography and the Art of Covert Communication.pdf2006-Jan-21 10:45:327.6Mapplication/pdf
Fabien Petatcolas - Information Hiding Techniques for Steganography and Digital Watermarking.pdf2006-Jan-25 10:23:2822.3Mapplication/pdf
Kluwer, 08:13:554.9Mapplication/pdf
Manual -- Crypto - Cryptography Theory And Practice.zip2006-Jan-21 22:55:1817.2Mapplication/zip
Matt Franklin - Advances in Cryptology - CRYPTO 2004.pdf2006-Jul-01 15:42:3218.7Mapplication/pdf
McGraw-Hill - Digital Signal Processing (Schaum's Outlines, OCR) - 1999 - (By Laxxuss).pdf2006-Jul-23 14:11:496.7Mapplication/pdf
McGraw-Hill - RSA Security’s Official Guide to Cryptography - fly.pdf2006-Jan-21 22:10:349.1Mapplication/pdf
Michael Arnold - Techniques and Applications of Digital Watermarking and Content Protection.pdf2006-Jan-25 02:31:3410.0Mapplication/pdf
Michael Welschenbach - Cryptography in C and C++.chm2006-Jan-26 11:55:083.5Mchemical/x-chemdraw
Prentice Hall, Cryptography and Network Security - Principles and Practice 2nd Ed by William Stallings.pdf2006-Jan-20 18:38:5044.8Mapplication/pdf
Rolf Oppliger - Contemporary Cryptography.pdf2006-Jul-01 15:42:357.6Mapplication/pdf
Springer, 11:18:024.3Mapplication/pdf
Wiley - Applied Cryptography Protocols, Algorthms, and Source Code in C.pdf2006-Jul-23 14:16:439.1Mapplication/pdf
Wiley - Malicious Cryptography - Exposing Cryptovirology - 2004 ! - (By Laxxuss).pdf2006-Jan-20 15:30:4929.0Mapplication/pdf
[Ebook - C] Applied Cryptography Second Edition Protocols, Algorthms, and Source Code in C - Bruce Schneier - John Wiley & Sons Inc.pdf2006-Jan-20 02:46:029.1Mapplication/pdf
crypt4dumy.chm2006-Jan-20 03:32:173.9Mchemical/x-chemdraw